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Fergie and Slash rape a 'Sweet Child'

Guns N' Roses That had to be the worst halftime show ever. Not only did Will.I.Am from the Black Eyed Peas hog the autotune which Fergie desperately needed, but I saw Slash take part in the worst raping of a GNR song ever. I wonder if it was his little fuck you to Axl Rose being Axl's Birthday today.

I have been very critical of the diva moves of Axl Rose for quite some time, but I think I might owe him a big apology right now. Axl has always been very protective of Guns N' Roses songs, image, and likeness. He has taken other members to court, sued Guitar Hero for using Slash and his image in the marketing of the game and so on. But after seeing tonight's butchering of "Sweet Child O' Mine" with Slash on guitar and Fergie on vocals, Axl has every right to protect us from that and I hope he brings a lawsuit against Super Bowl Haltime Show organizers for that raping of my auditory senses. The only thing that could have saved Fergie's performance was a wardrobe malfunction. At best, tonight's halftime show was a highschool talent show gone horribly wrong.

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    February 06, 2011

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