Apocalyptica respond to Rammstein Trademark Infringement Lawsuit

Apocalyptica (2007) Apocalyptica's official statement reads as follows:

"The article's headline is substantially wrong: neither the band Apocalyptica nor their management are or were involved in the described lawsuit. However, the parties involved are the band Rammstein and Sony Music Entertainment GmbH, as the successor of the by now-defunct affiliated label GUN Records.

Apocalyptica and Halbe Miete Management regret the events, but neither had any influence on a violation of trademark and naming rights, nor any part in whatsoever resulting agreements.

It is correct that GUN Records published advertisements with the stated endorsement disregarding existing agreements, and the band Rammstein subsequently filed a lawsuit against Sony Music Entertainment GmbH as the parent company. It is furthermore correct that Sony Music Entertainment GmbH and Rammstein have agreed on a settlement, the details of which, however, are unknown to Apocalyptica and Halbe Miete Management. We ask that further articles on the topic correctly reproduce the facts."

In late December, 2010, it was reported that Rammstein won a judgment against Apocalyptica for using the Rammstein name in advertising and promotional materials.

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Date: Jan 10, 2011
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