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13 Year Old Girl Wants You To Pray For Death Metal Bands

Goat Love Dying Fetus sent out a tweet this morning stating "A 13 year old girl wants you to pray for Dying Fetus and other death metal bands!" I am actually not going to post the link to her blog as I know you guys will fuck with her feeble little mind. But she went on to state "My heart broke as I saw dark, satanist, & probably-blasphemous material in their bio's, graphics, and song titles. It was pretty intense. I wondered what had happened in these guys' lives for them to respond to Christ in such a way. I felt an overwhelming love for them that I can't explain and couldn't contain. Pray really hard, because many of these bands are coming to my town soon. Please pray for that oppurtunity for God to move!"

Here is her prayer list for January:
Kataklysm - Canada
Rotting Christ - Greece
Behemoth - Poland
Hate - Poland
Melechesh - Jerusalem
All Shall Perish - USA
Conducting from the Grave - USA
Decrepit Birth - USA
Abysmal Dawn - USA
Dying Fetus - USA
Hate Eternal - USA

I kinda think she needs a new playlist, maybe she should listen to The Dungeon Awaits for some better death metal bands.

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    January 06, 2011

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