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End of Year Recap - Adam Pierce of All Shall Perish

All Shall Perish (2007) With the year coming to a close, The Gauntlet has contacted some of our favorite bands to recap their year and let us know whats in store for 2011. Adam Pierce from All Shall Perish has checked in with us.

Did you have any ‘Spinal Tap’ moments this year?
We played a show this Summer in Portland, OR on the Summer Slaughter tour. It was a packed house and kids were going crazy. Halfway through our third song Francesco's guitar started cutting in and out. It had been the second night in a row that we had been experiencing problems. Next thing I know, Ben, Eddie, and Mike are on stage left doing the goddamn hoedown together. I almost spontaneously combusted.

What were some of your favorite releases from 2010?
Watain - Lawless Darkness
Agalloch - Marrow Of The Spirit
Deftones - Diamond Eyes
Those Poor Bastards - Gospel Haunted
Black Breath - Heavy Breathing

New Year’s resolution?
To remind band members to keep an extra safe distance when driving behind mini vans in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Most memorable metal news item of 2010?
The death of Ronnie James Dio and Mike Portnoy's departure from Dream Theater.

Plans for the holidays?
Traveling, traveling, traveling....

What’s on your ipod?
Porn, photos of your mom, and Angry Birds.

If you could bring back one musician from the grave for a day, who and why?
Layne Staley from Alice in Chains. The band was such a huge influence on me. I would love to see him and Cantrell on stage together again.

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    December 31, 2010

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