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Penisgate: Rose Funeral drummer issues a statement on his johnson

Rose Funeral A few days ago, The Gauntlet posted(see here) a series of pictures that were reportedly taken by Dusty Boles of the band Rose Funeral and displayed his pink oboe. The photos first appeared on a website where scorned ex-girlfriends frequent and post photos of their ex's purple-helmeted yogurt throwers for the world to see. As the day went on, we ended up getting some emails from Dusty Boles asking nicely if we'd take down the images of his gristle missile. The Gauntlet held firm, just like the NY Post did with the Pentagon Papers and Watergate and his meat wrench remained on display for all to see.

Rose Funeral drummer Dusty Boles has issued us statement on why the photos of his meat wrench were taken:
Here is the deal with the pics… Say what you will, and I am sure you will, but at one point a while back I was considering posing for Playgirl Magazine. I have been told that my flaccid penis is larger than most erect penises so I figured it would be a kick to try and get into the magazine. My girlfriend at the time was all about this, but after things went south with our relationship she took some of the pics and posted them online. I only recently found out about these shots being posted for the world to see. At first I was upset but the more I thought about it I realized not only was there was nothing I could do about it, but I did have the intentions of posing for a mag so my dick would have been out there for the world to see anyway so why let it get to me. In terms of matters not having anything to do with my penis, we are currently hard at work on the new Rose Funeral record that will be out in 2011. Since my penis seems to be such a big hit we might just use it for the cover of the new album. I guess you'll all just have to wait and see.
-Dusty Boles

I do want to applaud Dusty for having a sense of humor about seeing his blue-veined junket pumper on the site.

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    December 23, 2010

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