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Get your Dimebag commemorative coin and other worthless shit

You know those commercials you see on TV where they are offering a 'commemorative coin' and limited supplies so you can only buy 5 at $19.95 each? You know the ones...they contain .099 ounces of real silver, operators are standing by, time is running out for your 9/11 Memorial Commemorative Coin. Well, now is time for this garbage to come to the metal world.

Revolver Magazine is schilling out a Fallen Heroes edition, which is a cool idea, but also including a commemorative Dimebag Darrell coin. But wait, there is more! Each order of $19.95 comes with an antiqued metal coin holder. How much would you pay for this? $79.95? $39.95? Actually we already told you the price so that pitch won't work on you.

Act now and a portion of the sales proceeds will go to the Ronnie James Dio Stand Up and Shout cancer fund. I am all for charitable giving, but I never trust when they say "a portion". 1 cent is legally considered a portion.

It really saddens me to see tour promoters, magazines, etc bring out Dimebag, Ronnie James Dio, and other fallen rockers names to spur sales. The true fans pay respect by listening to their music, not buying some shitty metal medallion. Those responsible for selling lending their names for a profit should be ashamed of themselves. I am looking right into your eyes Rita and Wendy.

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    December 21, 2010

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