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New DevilDriver album is done

DevilDriver (2009) DEVILDRIVER guitarist Mike Spreitzer has issued the following update:

"I know I say this a lot but this tour has been one of the most fun I have ever done. The UK portion of this tour ended up being some of the biggest DevilDriver headlining shows to date and I would like to thank everybody that made it out. You made us feel very welcome in your country and I can't thank you all enough.

I happy to announce that the new DevilDiver record is DONE!!!. Boecklin spent a night at Andy Sneap's house last week finalizing the mix after out show in Nottingham. It's heavy, it's brutal, it's called Beast and I know all of you are going to love it.

Speaking of Nottingham, I am proud relieved to say that no one in the band or crew got drugged this time around when we went out for drinks after the show. The first time we were in Nottingham in 2005, some of the guys in THE AGONY SCENE and our crew went to a bar and we found one of our guys passed out, face down in the bathroom. The following time we played Nottingham with GOD FORBID I turned out to be one of the unlucky victims along side our merch guy Frank. Nothing bad happened other than an awkward phone call back home, but after 2 beers everything went black and I don't remember a damn thing. Luckily, Doc from God Forbid was with us and made sure we got back to the bus in one piece. He told us that we were not acting drunk but very strange on the way back to the bus. My guess is, people find tourists, drug them, wait for them to get a little silly and mug them as they are leaving the bar. I could be wrong about that scenario, but it sure seems like a waste of drugs to spike someones drink just for fun. Since that day, I watch my drinks and the bar tender very carefully."

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    November 22, 2010

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