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Flyleaf Show Review In Prose

Flight of the Leaf once again
House of Blues Sunset
Is where the faithful have met
Unite and Fight with all their might
Memento Mori and a harmonious Story

Purple worn as a color of choice
Congregating a united voice
To Stop the Hate
A better world to make

Anticipation of a magnificent din
A propulsive rock show to begin
Stage lights flicker
Pulses grow quicker
In The Dark
We depart

Volume swells
A sign that foretells
Seals will be flying
And no denying
That a Beautiful Bride
Makes a room come alive

Sturm in a red dress
Her vocals caress
Like those of an angel from above
She sings from a heart filled with love
And as we all find air to breathe Again
We begin to collectively ascend

Cassie with its machine gun shuffle
A full-on fist-pumping shuffle
It decimates the towering speakers
Elevating feet in Converse sneakers

Do you Believe in God is All Around Me
Chasm of wisdoms to decree
Souls eternally eliciting
This Close to fulfilling

So I Thought I knew The Kind
of might that fuels the mind
Liberation steeped in Sorrow
A unified strength to borrow
For just One second I felt whole
As Flyleaf enraptured my soul

Moments of Missing
Its melodies glistening
Are soon Swept Away
Down-tuned feedback set to sway

Time to Set Apart This Dream
As roaming spotlights gleam
Heavenly vocals scintillating
A fabled evening in the making

I'm So Sick amped to Breeeeeaaaaak
Self-consciousness in its wake
Detonating a cathartic kiss
Infected with selfless bliss

Circle its soaring sound
Elevated moods abound
We are Fully Alive
Deep inside
To Arise & Be
All that we Dream

How He Loves Us
An omnipotent rush
Flyleaf has risen Again

Domo arigato: Jason @The Gauntlet, Doug @A&M/Octone, Phil @House of Blues Sunset &
photographer Melissa Libertelli


We can all Unite and Fight
Providing a guiding light
Text 'Unite' to 20222
A $10 donation to World Vision shall ensue

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    November 10, 2010

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