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Napalm Death bassist checks in

Napalm Death Shane Embury, the bass player for British grindcore legends Napalm Death, has checked in with a message regarding the band's upcoming tour of Europe. The message reads as follows:

"Life is as ever chaotic in the Napalm Death camp as we get ready to ship our gear over to Hamburg for the first show on the 4th today, and also what with putting ideas together for our new album next year and working hard towards that in our very little spare time - we decided that it was time to change our set for the forthcoming shows with Waking The Cadaver, Macabre and Immolation too!

"We have been pushing the last record pretty hard over the past couple of years, so again we thought with this tour being probably the last European one for awhile we would spice it up somewhat!

"Our familiar Scum medley will change completely with a bunch of oldies we haven't played in years, a few more covers from Leaders Not Followers 1 and 2 and a song or two from Utopia Banished, Fear, Emptiness, Despair, Diatribes, Harmony Corruption and a few different songs from the new record but with more emphasis on a set covering the past 20-plus years.

"I am off to pack some more stuff still for the tour. Looking forward to catching up with friends old and new again over the next few weeks and especially looking forward to playing with the bands with us on this tour - it's going to be a great one I think."

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    November 02, 2010

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