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Sully Erna and Scott Stapp should just get a room

Everyone's heard the story of Sully Erna and Scott Stapp having bad blood between them for several years. If not, basically Scott Stapp of Creed disrespected a fan, presumably by performing in hearing range of a fan. Sully Erna of Godsmack got mad as they share many of the same fans and held a grudge. Then a couple weeks ago, Sully was on stage at the Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, Connecticut with Godsmack and calling for the crowd to form a massive pit. (Really??? People mosh at Godsmack shows?) During his long winded tirade, he called Scott Stapp a "faggot" not once, but twice. (see video below).

Sully went home and wrote a letter of apology with the 'dude', 'bro', 'man' word count exceeding record levels. Stapp then took to his twitter page and twatted "Sully, I have nothing but love, forgiveness & respect for you bro. Keep rocking & I look fwd to catching [your] show in FL with my son Jagger. Rock on."

So sweet, brings a tear to my eye.

Sully, you really shouldn't be apologizing to Scott Stapp, but to the many, many gay fans that follow Godsmack.

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    October 30, 2010

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