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The Gauntlet interviews Tom Warrior of Triptykon with Frost and Ravn of 1349

Triptykon At yesterday's Los Angeles stop of the Triptykon, 1349 tour, The Gauntlet's Daniel Dungeon (The Dungeon Awaits Radio Show) caught up with Tom 'Warrior' Fischer of Triptykon. If that isn't enough kvltness, they were also joined by Ravn and Frost from 1349 for an amazing chat about all things black.

When Tom spoke of 1349, he stated ""They aren't just any black metal band, 1349 have the courage to do something different. They wanted to challenge their own path." He later stated "We are group of people that are extremely passionate, open, and radical. That alone gave a basis uncounted, lively, almost aggressive discussions to find a breakthrough, it was an extremely creative situation, and it added to their willingness to go to new paths."

Frost also commented on 1349's sound stating "There are alot of Marduk's and Dark Funeral's out there, and 1349 simply isn't one of those bands."

The entire audio from the interview has been posted at this location.

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    October 25, 2010

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