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Top 10 Alice Cooper Commercials

Alice Cooper A couple week's ago we asked the question The Whoring Ozzy Osbourne, this week we want to find out when did Alice Cooper become so commercial? The original shock rocker's stage show in the 70's helped define the look and feel of the heavy metal live show we see today. Now you can regularly find Cooper, a born-again Christian, on the golf course or at his family restaurant. When did Park Avenue realize his commercial appeal and ability to pitch a product? It probably happened in 2004 when Rolling Stone Magazine commented of Cooper that he is the most "beloved heavy metal entertainer." From that point on, Cooper has appeared in commercials for everything from Office Supplies, Hotels, Car Dealerships to the what the fuck is he selling and beyond. Below are our top 10 Alice Cooper TV commercials in no particular order.

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    June 24, 2009

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