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Onslaught reveal upcoming album title

Onslaught UK thrashers ONSLAUGHT have announced Sounds Of Violence as the title fortheir forthcoming album, which is due for worldwide release later this year via AFM Records. Guitarist Nige Rockett has offered the following:

"Sounds Of Violence is a very fitting title for the new recording, musically and lyrically this is definately the most brutal and intense Onslaught album to date. It's full of machine gun riffs / ferocious drum patterns and some pretty fucked up lyrical content..

This album was never meant to be pretty, it's not a concept album by any measure but there's a definite theme to the whole package, right thru from the sleeve design to the music and on to the words, its violence all the way. There's a lot of hate in Sounds Of Violence and a whole lot of reality in there too, much of it straight from the heart."

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    August 14, 2010

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