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The Gauntlet and The Dungeon Awaits to host The Drunken Beer Challenge - Abigail Williams vs. Warbringer

Abigail Williams - Sorceron (2009) The Dungeon Awaits and The Gauntlet are teaming up to bring you the ultimate spectacle in drunken metal prowess. On August 9, members from Abigail Williams will take on members from Warbringer not only a battle of wits, but also a battle of strength, endurance and probably projectile vomiting distance. The challengers from the bands will be put through battles of beer pong, metal trivia, arm wrestling, and an obstacle course after pounding far too many beers.

"Yeah I think we can win. I have to win, I am representing 3 bands in this ultimate test of strength" stated Sorceron of Abigail Williams. "Only thing is I have never played beer pong in my life... I don't need a game to tell me to chug my beer. It's a stupid game and I'm going to have to start training this week."

The Gauntlet will be on hand video taping the entire event and to air exclusively at a later date, but you will be able to tune in live to hear the play by play.

If you are planning to be in the Ventura, CA area on Monday Aug 9 and would like to attend the festivities, please contact us at moshpit[at] as space is limited.

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    August 05, 2010

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