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Winds of Plague vocalist on drummers magic act - "go practice and then come back"

Winds of Plague Shauna O'Donnell caught up with Winds of Plague vocalist Johnny Plague at the Los Angeles Mayhem Fest stop recently and asked him about drummer Art Cruz's magic act. Johnny Plague responded "He's really into magic and he has been into it since he was little. He is really good at it and it works out great for the band because it is really easy for him to network. He will go out, start doing tricks and all of a sudden there's twenty people watching him. He's all about it; he has all these different tattoos that represent it. He is an interesting dude." Shauna asked if he's entertained by it all and Johnny replied "No, not me, I've seen all of his tricks so many times that I know how all of them work. Go practice and then come back"

Read the entire interview here.

You can catch Winds of Plague currently on Mayhem Fest.

All our Mayhem Fest coverage can be found here, including Art performing a magic trick for Pandie here.

Check out Shauna's blog here

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    July 20, 2010

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