Apparently Danzig doesn't like back rubs by gay Henry Rollins

Decibel Magazine's new issue has Glenn Danzig's reaction to the gay comic, "Henry & Glenn Forever"...and Glenn is not amused. According to Decibel, they were the first to inform Danzig of the animated series featuring Glenn and Henry Rollins living together and in a gay relationship. You can read about his reaction in the new issue of Decibel.

In the comic, Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are in a loving, committed relationship. Henry loves Glenn dearly, even if occasionally his anger issues get in the way. Glenn keeps a journal about his ambitions and projects, like being in a band wearing corpse-like makeup. Oh, their neighbors are Hall & Oates, who are just your average neighborhood Satanists with a penchant for D&D.

Allegedly, when Henry Rollins was shown an earlier version of the minicomic, his reaction was to ask if Glenn had seen it yet. Rollins thought Danzig would have been less than amused.

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Date: Jul 15, 2010
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