Rob Zombie bassist explains why it is all Getty Lee's fault he plays bass

MUEN Magazine's Shauna O'Donnell caught up with Rob Zombie bassist Piggy D at the July 10th Mayhem Fest. During the course of the interview, Piggy explained why he is no longer a guitarist and now a bass player. "It's all Getty Lee's fault. I met Getty Lee in 1996 and he walked up to me and he said "Hi, I'm Getty." and I said "Hi I'm Piggy." He shook my hand and said "You are going to play bass." I went "No, I'm not, I play guitar." He then said "No, you're going to play bass, bye!" and he walked off. I turned to my friend and he was like "I don't know dude, maybe you're going to play bass." I said "I'm never playing bass in a band." On records is one thing, but not on stage. Here I am almost five years later playing bass in a band and I love it. Playing bass in a band on stage is more fun than I ever had playing guitar. I am very comfortable now."

You can catch Piddy D, John 5 and Rob Zombie along with Korn, Lamb of God and others on this years Mayhem Fest.

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Date: Jul 15, 2010
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