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Sodom reveal DVD details

Sodom (2010) German thrash legends SODOM will be releasing their Lords Of Depravity II DVD on June 25th in Germany, June 28th throughout Europe and on July 13th in the North America via SPV/Steamhammer.

The double digipak DVD with O-Card features:

DVD 1: the complete history 1995 - 2009 approximately 230 minutes
DVD 2: Live features, video clips, deleted scenes approximately 180 minutes

A new press release including detailed contents of the DVD and a new photo can be found below:

Gelsenkirchen. Germany's most picturesque municipality - if you're into heavy industry, mining and soccer, that is. But next to its main exports (formerly coal, these days redundant miners), this quiet little town in the heart of the Ruhr area has another successful export that may be less well-known among the general public, but is nonetheless extremely popular on the international metal scene: Sodom.

Sodom the way they were and will continue to be: loud, raw, brutal, unadulterated and full on. From the very first to the last note, from opener to encore, all fucking night long.

SPV now releases Part II of an incredible Double DVD of the thrash heroes.

Tracklisting / Content:


The complete history 1995 - 2009

- Intro
- Onkel Tom
- Tom Is Looking For New Members
- Reunion Sodom
- Til Death Us Unite (Recordings)
- Endzeit Festival
- Til Death Us Unite (Promo And Release)
- Summer Metal Meeting
- Lauchhammer
- With Full Force 97
- Wacken 97
- Lieder Wie Orkane
- Südamerika 97
- Usa 97
- Ein Tröpchen Voller Glück
- Code Red
- Ein Strauss Bunter Melodien
- Desperados (How This Developed)
- Dynamo 99
- With Full Force 99
- Fuck The Millennium Tour
- Desperados (Release)
- With Full Force 2000
- M16 (Recordings)
- Bangkok 2001
- Wacken 2001
- M16 (Release)
- Hell Comes To Your Town Tour
- Japan
- One Night In In Bangkok
- Summer Open Airs 2002
- Moskau 2003
- One Night In In Bangkok (Release)
- With Full Force 2003
- Bang Your Head 2003
- Summer Open Airs 2002
- Sofia
- Greece
- Summerbreeze 2004
- Lords Of Depravity/ Sodom Rehearsals
- Ankara
- South America 2005
- Metalcruise
- Usa 2006
- Sodom (Recordings / Release)
- Rockhard 2006
- Japan 2006
- European Tour With Finntroll And Legion Of The Damned
- Eastern European Tour
- Final Sign Of Evil
- Klassentreffen (All Ex-members Under One Roof)
- Death Of Chris Witchhunter
- Australia, Indonesia, Thailand
- Wacken 2007
- Outro

Duration: more than 200 min
Format: 16:9 (NTSC)
Subtitles English/German
Audio: 2.0/5.1


Complette 25th Anniversary Concert at Wacken Open Air 2007
- with old band members (Grave Violator, Frank Blackfire, Michael Hoffmann, Andy Brings and Atomic Steif), pyro show and much more.

'Blood On Your Lips'
'Wanted Dead'
'City Of God'
'Axis Of Evil'
'Proselytism Real'
'Christ Passion'
'Magic Dragon'
'Tarred And Feathered'
'One Step Over The Line'
'Get What You Deserve'
'Frozen Screams'
'The Vice Of Killing'
'Napalm In The Morning'
'Sodomy And Lust'
'The Saw Is The Law'
'Outbreak Of Evil'

'Fuck The Police'
'City Of god'

Deleted Scenes

Duration: more than 160 min
Format: 16:9 (NTSC)
Subtitles English/German
Audio: 2.0/5.1

Sodom will be holding a release party for their Lords Of Depravity II DVD on June 26th in Berlin, Germany at Blackland. The event will commence at 18:00 with a premiere of the film, followed by support act THE OUTSIDE. Sodom will close the night off with a live showcase at midnight.

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    June 17, 2010

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