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Ex-Pathology frontman Pascual Romero "I could feel the tension building"

Pascual Romero (2010) In a recent interview with The Gauntlet's own Shauna O'Donnell, ex-Pathology frontman Pascual Romero discussed his recent departure from the band. Pascual was asked to leave the band earlier this year after helping secure a record deal with Victory Records. "I could feel the tension building on David's end pretty well ahead of the fallout," stated Pascual. "I was quite surprised to see this happen without even an official warning or a simple heads up as to what David's expectations were of me. Furthermore, I am very surprised that the label and management didn't seem to have any issue with this. I mean, changing vocalists isn't exactly good for business, particularly when the vocalist had been garnering publicity and promoting the album. I feel that I may have been misrepresented by David and his perception of me. It certainly was quite a shock to me in terms of how it was executed and how the aftermath was handled."

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    June 14, 2010

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