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Top 10 biggest dicks in metal

By now, everyone has seen Peter Steele and Tommy Lee's mammoth sized mayonnaise cannon. We decided to compare them to other famous metal musicians and see how they measure up. And in case you think I grabbed a ruler and hit the tour buses, you would be mistaken. All info was gathered from Donna's Domain over at Metal Sludge. Sorry, no pictures for this one, if you want to see some metal penis, click here

Tracii Guns - 8.5 inches - (L.A. Guns)

Fred Coury - 8.5 inches - (Cinderella)

Rikki Rockett - 9 inches - (Poison)

Dani Filth - 9 inches (Cradle of Filth)

Zach De La Rocha - 9 inches (Rage Against the Machine)

Jerry Cantrell - 10 inches (Alice in Chains)

Joey Castillo - 10 inches (Danzig)

Phil Anselmo - 10 inches (Pantera/Down)

Tommy Lee - 10.5 inches (Motley Crue)

Peter Steele - 11 inches (Type O Negative)

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    May 20, 2010

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