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Aborted begin writing next album

Aborted Belgian death/grind outfit ABORTED have issued the following update:

"Well it has been quite an interesting journey to say the least! Not only did the volcano fuck us once at the start of the tour, but this piece of ass had to mess shit up again after the tour for our flights back home haha! Anyhow we kept the score and its Aborted 21 - Nature two, so fuck it. We had a blast on tour and would like to thank each and every one of you guys who came out to the tour and supported us, bought some merchandise and didn't toss stuff at us. This was the first tour with the new line up and we couldn't have been more happy with the way things went. The gore is back for sure!

We also just uploaded a bunch of pictures from the tour, expect more to follow in the next days and some videos from Neurotic Deathfest as well! Some new merchandise is available in the Euro webstore and the vinyl for coronary reconstruction we had is sold out, still a handful of digipacks left on our indie merchandise store and then that's it for that sucka!

Out of touring mode, into writing mode!
This is correct, we have started writing some new material and will be focusing on writing for the rest of the year, recordings are set for the full-length early next year, more details to follow shortly. Expect it to continue where Coronary Reconstruction started! Those of you who still want to catch the band live this year: we will be playing Kaltenbach open air in Austria and Summer Carnage in Tel aviv, Israel this summer, as well as a very short bunch of dates that will be announced soon as well, beyond that, its writing time as we want this album to be as face melting as possible and there will not be any further touring until 2011!

Grind on!"

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    May 11, 2010

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