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The 69 Eyes want fans to film next video

69 Eyes, The Finland's THE 69 EYES have issued the following update:

"Our new single from Back In Blood in Europe will be 'Kiss Me Undead' that Nuclear Blast will deliver for radio stations and all the other media in this month. The song has become one of the most favorite new songs in our set list, I can tell you that after seeing you fans shaking your booty and banging your heads at the shows!

When we were writing the song, I was thinking of a male vampire sleeping like a Sleeping Beauty or a Snow White and waiting for somebody to come kiss him (me ;-)) awake. It's a beautiful song, kissing undead refers also to awake a cold heart with love.


Make a video for The 69 Eyes' new single 'Kiss Me Undead'! We call you fans to show what you got and use your imagination to make this song to live on the silver screen! YouTube is full of AMAZING fan videos of The 69 Eyes, Brandon Lee and Lost Boys among others, now let's make some official fan art that will make justice for the band and for the song!"

The lyrics for the song and further contest details can be found here.

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    May 03, 2010

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