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Accept show sells out

Accept New York City's Gramercy Theatre will host the very first concert featuring the new line-up of the reformed legendary heavy metal band ACCEPT on Saturday, May 8th, 2010. The show at the 750-capacity venue has officially sold out.

States ACCEPT's guitarist & founding member Wolf Hoffmann: "We are so very happy and humbled! When we got the news, we could not believe it! When we ha[d] been thinking about how to come back, we all talked about the times when ACCEPT started. I guess we all loved it most to play in these small, oversold clubs where it was so hot that the water was dripping from the ceiling AND from me, as I have been always the tallest and the closest to the darn hot lights. However, this closeness to the fans who are screaming bloody murder right into your face.... how we missed that!!! ACCEPT wanted to turn back time and do it this way again and - here we are! First show with [new vocalist] MARK [Tornillo] is ‘Sold Out' and not in any club... no... at the GRAMERCY in New York! We got it!!! And now... let's sweat together...”

ACCEPT's 2010 line-up (which features three on-going members) is: Wolf Hoffmann, guitar; Peter Baltes, bass; Stefan Schwarzmann, drums; Herman Frank, guitar; and Mark Tornillo on vocals.

Blood Of Nations, ACCEPT's twelfth full-length studio album, will be released in North America on September 14th. The band shot a video for the new song "Teutonic Terror” in Los Angeles in March.

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    April 22, 2010

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