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Hobgoblin release "Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror"

Hobgoblin release "Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror"

Hobgoblin release "Nosferatu A Symphony of Horror" on CD and DVD. A
film oriented project band. Hobgoblin features members from some very
well known metal and experimental outfits such as Skinlab, Forbidden,
Re:Ignition, old school thrashers Sacrilege B.C., and
art-punk-noise-ambient legends Neurosis

This marks Hobgoblin's freshmen release as a soundtrack band.
NOSFERATU is 15 tracks of chills, thrills, love songs, and even some
happy go lucky fare. The band pays homage to the legendary Italian
progressive rock band Goblin, who scored many horror favorites. Fear
not, as Hobgoblin have their own style to unleash into the Hollywood
blood factory. And why not start with painting some ghoulish sound

The DVD resound of the 1922 classic silent Vampire film has had all
sound effects and dialog plugged into it so you can sit back and watch
the film blurry eyed. The music was just the cherry on the top of the
sonic sunday.

Both CD and DVD are available from November Fire as well as Relapse
Records, and The Omega Order. Digital downloads available from iTunes
and Amazon.

Hobgoblin is currently at work on a sound version of the  1920 silent
classic "The Cabinet of Dr. Caligari", due out late this year.

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    April 21, 2010

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