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FORBIDDEN Issue New Studio Report

After a thirteen-year hiatus, San Francisco's FORBIDDEN are currently at Sonic Room Studios in Livermore, California to record their as-yet-untitled fifth studio album. Guitarist Craig Locicero has issued the following update:

Thursday, March 18th:
"This was the day for 'Hopenosis'. I really love this song - it was the second one written and we demoed it, too. The new version sounded dick-dog tight! That song really has a hypnotizing feel to it and is very intricate in its picking. We spent the day just making sure it was right. After that, we left a little early for another ear break."

Friday, March 19th:
"I knew this was going to be a challenging day for me because we needed to track 'Forsaken At The Gates', by far our fastest song from top to bottom! It never lays back or breaks down. All 210 bpm all the way through! It actually was a little easier than I thought, but NOT easy at all! I love pushing myself like that and I think this song is a thrash barrage like we've never done before. Fuck, it's a killer!

The last thing I had to track for my basics was simple supporting chords for our still-unnamed intro. It was great to hear all of the stuff we recorded with [owner Eric] Kretz before we left Bomb Shelter [Studios] the previous week. I got goosebumps just like I did the first time we played it. Hopefully, we'll be walking out to the intro for years to come. Time will tell.

So, that was the week in all. We took the weekend off to be with our respective families and get a little perspective. [Guitarist] Steve Smyth starts on Monday the 21st. We'll see if he can write the next report himself... if he actually has any time to do it!

To be continued..."

Working titles for songs on the new release are as follows:

Immortal Wounds'
'Omega Wave'
'Adapt Or Die'
'Forsaken At The Gates'
'Inhuman Race'
'Beyond The Mask'
'Dragging My Casket'

Hear two new Forbidden demo tracks, 'Adapt Or Die' and 'Hopenosis,' below. More on the band at this location.

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    April 12, 2010

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