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Glen Benton admits to taking vocal lessons from Youtube "how to do death metal vocals" videos

Deicide In a recent studio blog update, Deicide vocalist Glen Benton was caught and then later admitted to getting vocal coaching and song inspiration from YouTube "Death Metal Vocal Lesson" videos. Benton commented: "It's true, our last two albums all started by watching video of the pig squeal girl and various other youtube death growl vocalists. After the release of Scars of the Crucifix I was out of song ideas. Our producer at the time had me watch some you tube videos on death growls so that I would properly breathe through my diaphragm. The vocals were so good in these songs that I lifted some of the lyrics and song structures as my own. I really think more bands should take advantage of these great resources on the interwebs like we have."

Deicide will release its next album later this year through Earache Records.

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    April 01, 2010

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