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Forbidden issue studio update

After a thirteen-year hiatus, San Francisco's FORBIDDEN are currently at Sonic Room Studios in Livermore, California to record their as-yet-untitled fifth studio album. Guitarist Craig Locicero has issued the following update:

"Friday March 12th:

This was my week to begin tracking and I guess I'd been jonesin' pretty hard after all those years. After we got back from L.A., I had to make numerous trips around the Bay grabbing pieces of gear and getting my guitars set up to be tracking worthy. So I really only had one day off after eight days on. Necessary evil, if you will.

So after I got all of the gear into Sonic Room/Audio Voyage on Friday, Tim Narducci, Brad Barth and myself started mixing and matching amps and cabs. We tried shit-tons of stuff. I can't tell you exactly what we used, but I will give you a short list of the possibilities we had to work with... two different Mesa Boogie Dual Rectifiers, Randall Ultra Module, Line6/Bogner 100wt HD, '94 Peavy 5150, '10 EVH 5150 and my original '94 prototype Langner pre-amp! As far as cabs go we had Marshall 's and Randall's stacked out the door. This place has never had that much shit inside of it. Like I said, I won't tell you exactly what I used, but used a combination of three amps and four cabs and it sounds awesome! Very distinct, clear and crunchy mids. I've never been more stoked about my tones.

Our good Friend, Pat Coughlin, who Produced and recorded Distortion and Green came down and brought a couple of mics for me to use. Pat had also mixed us live on many occasions in our past and the entire '09 European run. It was great seeing him and we always have a good laugh. He tried to help us get a hum out of the line of amps but we couldn't get it sorted out until he left. When we finally did it was fucking silent. That is very rare when using more then two amps in line.

After we got the tone close we left to save our ears for the next day.

Saturday March 13th:

After we re-tweaked the tone for about 10 minutes we were off the the races. Keep in mind that I double track everything, so it HAS to be perfect. We hit 'Overthrow' first and it went pretty quickly. It's more of a mid tempo cruncher that barrels along like an earth mover. The middle of that song has some Randy Rhoads era OZZY-style recording in it, very dark and cool.

Next up was 'Omega Wave' which is very much a thrash style song, an extremely fast muthafucker! That was more of a challenge and a lot fun to play. Super heavy song.

Sunday March 14th:

This day was a bit more challenging for me. We tracked a song called 'Swine' that has a lot of tempo changes and starts out super slow and heavy. I had a hell of a time making it as serpentine as I was hearing it. But we nailed it after half a day. 'Swine' is one of our favorite songs and worth all of the work to make right.

The next song is called 'Immortal Wounds' and is very much a Distortion era style chugger. Reminds my of Hypnotized by the Rhythm' a little bit. Super tight, but with a thrash solo section that is one of the fastest we have. It strobes and does some really cool stuff."

Working titles for songs on the new release are as follows:

Immortal Wounds'
'Omega Wave'
'Adapt Or Die'
'Forsaken At The Gates'
'Inhuman Race'
'Beyond The Mask'
'Dragging My Casket'

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    March 29, 2010

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