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WARBEAST to release album in April

With the "retro-thrash" trend back in full-swing and hordes of bands trying to recreate "old school metal”, Texas monsters WARBEAST offer the real thing. Their music is not the result of careful study of 80's thrash or classic metal; it just comes naturally because that is who they are.

The roots of WARBEAST are firmly entrenched in the legendary 80's Texas underground metal scene. Vocalist Bruce Corbitt was the voice of speed metal splatter kings Rigor Mortis, who achieved major label success on Capitol Records in 1988. Guitarists Rick Perry and Scott Shelby were the masters behind the riff machine Gammacide, one of Texas' most furious thrash exports. Bassist Alan Bovee joined Gammacide when they re-united in 2006, and drum tornado Joe Gonzalez provided blast beats and mayhem for Dallas death metal band Demonseed.

Krush the Enemy, WARBEAST'S debut CD will be released April 27th on Philip H. Anselmo's HOUSECORE RECORDS. The record features ten tracks covering a wide range of metal terrain aimed squarely at the neck-snapping head banger in the front row.

Not only does Philip H. Anselmo run the label that WARBEAST'S debut album is being he released on, he produced the record as well. Vocalist Bruce Corbitt had the following to say about signing to HOUSECORE RECORDS and working with Philip on the production of the album. "WARBEAST is proud to be signed with HOUSECORE RECORDS. I like the fact that their expectations are high for what they want out of a band. They also have a way of creating this family vibe between the band and the label, while making it obvious that they believe in us. That is all the motivation we need to want to kick-some-ass for their label at all times. We wanted Philip to be our producer and to be involved in the creation of this album. Overall… Philip made it a very beneficial, but also a fun and memorable experience. Philip made this album even
better... and that is what a Producer is supposed to do."

Label head and producer Philip H. Anselmo spoke about the sound of WARBEAST'S debut album Krush the Enemy, "WARBEAST is pure, relentlessly executed Thrash at its best. Absolutely RIPPING!"

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    March 25, 2010

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