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Annihilator discusses album artwork

Annihilator Canadian thrash metal pioneers ANNIHILATOR have revealed the artwork for their upcoming new album.

ANNIHILATOR's new, self-titled release is the band's thirteenth studio album and is due to be released in Europe by Earache Records on 17th May.

ANNIHILATOR guitarist and mainman JEFF WATERS discusses the artwork:

"The new Annihilator CD cover art was, again, done by the great Gyula Havancsák ( He has done the art for the last 4 Annihilator studio releases, as well as the 'Ten Years in Hell' DVD.

"The concept was mine and came to me in a dream (more like a nightmare) and seems to be 'Alice' (Alison Hell), returned from the grave!

"Musically, the new CD ended up being far more aggressive than expected; thus, the new CD cover seems to compliment the songs perfectly."

Check out the cover art for 'ANNIHILATOR' at

'ANNIHILATOR' is set to feature ten tracks of heads-down, no-frills metal, and is sure to be a highlight in the band's already-impressive catalogue. The official track listing is as follows:

01. The Trend
02. Coward
03. Ambush
04. Betrayed
05. 25 Seconds
06. Nowhere To Go
07. The Other Side
08. Death In Your Eyes
09. Payback
10. Romeo Delight

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    March 19, 2010

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