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Cavus begin recording Listenable Debut

Cavus Freshly signed to Listenable Records, CAVUS are already working in the studio recording their full-length debut album. The band has given us an update as below :

"The Cavus album recordings started on Monday 22.2 in Porvoo, Finland, with setting up the gear. We are using an old wooden house in the outskirts of Porvoo as the recording facility that has also functioned as the band's rehearsal place. It is a privately owned house that has been a part of an old production complex but got abandoned some 20 years ago because of high toxicity in the ground and surroundings due to an industrial accident. Most of the toxicity is caused by cyanide, so nothing, even rats, live there. Some of the great atmosphere is captured in our promotional pictures, which are taken at the same location.

"As recording gear for the drums, we used two 8-track recorders combined along with some other un-orthodox solutions. No klicktracks, no retakes, just one take from the beginning of the album to the end. That's it. The result is bestial and the pounding fierce, just as it should be.

"The work will now continue with bass and guitars. We are using old Russian tube-amplifiers like Sovtek and Spetl for the heads together with a variety of cabinets. The old CCCP amps really have a gritty and fucked-up sound, so they are perfect for us. When turned up high, they glow in the dark like Chernobyl and let out a horrid death rattle...

"Last but not least, we are planning to lay down the vocal vermin sometime in the end of March if everything works out according to plan. Usually it doesn't, since this is Cavus and we have tendencies to destroy ourselves in every process we take part in, like demonstrated by our drummer who fell from the roof during the first day of studio.

"The exact amount of songs and the length of the album is not yet fully clear, but it will be somewhere between 40 and 50 minutes and definetly takes every aspect of our demolishing art to the next level.

"Come serpent and whisper in our ears, for we long for your forked tongue..."

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    March 04, 2010

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