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Rammstein Belarus ban lifted

Credit PR Brown (2009) Thanks to LILT for the tip.

A Belarusian morality administrator warned earlier today of a performance by the German rock provocateurs Rammstein in Minsk - "they would jeopardize the order of the state." It was merely a private opinion says the Belarusian ambassador in Berlin.

The bands Belarus performance in early March may proceed despite the misgivings of Moralhütern. The Morality Minister in the former Soviet Republic condemned the band from performing yesterday. The Belarussian ambassador in Berlin, Andrei Giro, then drew back all the "speculation" about an alleged ban on the rockers. The concert is on 7 March in the capital, Minsk and the "Minsk-Arena" is virtually sold out, according to the shows organizers.

The controversy around the Rammstein show was was triggered, which is supported by President Alexander Lukashenko. Its chairman Nikolai Tscherginez had accused the band on Monday propaganda for violence, masochism, homosexuality and other perverse "and urged a rejection of the concert."

Ambassador Giro now spoke of a "personal opinion". At the same time Giro pointed out that all the band members had already received there visas.

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    February 24, 2010

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