Cosmoloco to release 'Selection Naturelle' Feb 23 via Severed Limb Records

Cosmoloco Cosmoloco will release its' debut album 'Selection Naturelle' on Feb 23, 2010 via Severed Limb Records. This brutal blend of grind and death metal is best described as a grotesque cult to the darkest and the most violent sides of humans. Founded by Le Marquis as a solo endeavor in extreme metal, 'Selection Natrurelle' goes above and beyond the realms of brutality. "With Cosmoloco, I produce the most instinctive music as possible. I work alone so I am absolutly free."

"Selection Naturelle" will be available for download from all your favorite online music stores including iTunes, Amazon, Shockhound, and more on February 23.

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Date: Feb 15, 2010
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