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Destruction promoter cancels Australian tour

Destruction DESTRUCTION mainman Schmier reports:

"As we did get some nasty letters and silly fuck you statements, here is the email from Nik from Just Say Rock that proves the band never canceled the tour. It was JSR that stoped the whole Oz tour."

The email reads:

Hi Joerg/Schmier

It is with my deepest sorrow and regret that I have to inform all at Twisted Talent and Destruction that the Board and owners of Just Say Rock have made a tough decision.

Due to a drastic slow down of sales for Screamfest Australia and excessive poor sales for the Destruction side shows, the board of Just Say Rock cannot afford to bring Destruction down to Australia for the festival and other shows. I literally fought tooth and nail and tried everything in order to persuade them not to make this decision. However, I am not the owner and I do not fund the company, which was pointed out to me.

I am personally gutted, bitter and disappointed with the outcome but am powerless to change or alter the final outcome - no matter how hard I argued with them.

I can only imagine how disappointed you will all feel, if it is half of what I feel, it is terrible, especially after all the effort and work that went into this. For any correspondence on this matter contact one of the Board Members, owners and financiers of Just Say Rock direct; Tony Oxley. His email is He has been copied into this email.

From my side, the only thing that I can say is that I would like to try and eventually get Destruction over to Australia at a later stage.



Just Say Rock

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    January 06, 2010

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