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Arsis drummer recaps 2009

Arsis (2009) Michael Van Dyne of Arsis has recapped his 2009 for The Gauntlet

Fave releases of 2009

Merauder "God is I"
Stigmata "The Wounds that Never Heal"
Seventh Void "Heaven is Gone"
Megadeth "Endgame"
Heaven and Hell "The Devil You Know"
Arch Enemy "The Root of All Evil"

Spinal Tap moments

Nothing on stage really, but it took me over 20 minutes to figure out how to use a washing machine in Belgium. Once that was accomplished, I had to have a couple beers before I was ready to move on to the dryer.

Holiday plans
Eat, sleep, lift weights, and spend lots of time with my girlfriend and family.

New Year's Resolution
Continue to live a balanced life.

Band plans for 2010

Tour the U.S. and Canada with Arch Enemy and Exodus in January and February - HELL YEAH!!!!

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    December 17, 2009

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