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Grand Magus sign to Roadrunner Records

Grand magus Swedish metal-riff-lords GRAND MAGUS sign a worldwide deal with Roadrunner Records

Dear friends, colleagues and metal-heads!

Roadrunner Records is very excited to announce the signing of this outstanding metal band from Stockholm/Sweden!

GRAND MAGUS is a 3-piece band featuring: "JB" Christofferson Guitars & Lead-Vocals, Fox Skinner Bass & Backing-Vocals, Sebastian "SEB" Sippola Drums

During their 10-year history, GRAND MAGUS have released 2 demos, 1 split-EP and 4 full-length albums, and have received overwhelmingly positive reviews throughout. Their last opus, "Iron Will" was voted "Album of The Month" in the German Metal Hammer & Rock Hard magazines. Drawing hefty influences from the hand-on-heart grandeur of the NWOBHM and the inspirational mythology of their forbears, GRAND MAGUS are steeped in pre-Christian tales of triumph, vengeance, betrayal, wisdom and death. But GRAND MAGUS also stand for energetic live performances as seen at this year's European festivals such as Sweden Rock (SE), Hellfest (FR), Wacken (D), Summerbreeze (D) or on tour in Europe with bands like At The Gates, Cathedral, Candlemass, Tyrant, SerpentCult or Electric Wizard.

Roadrunner Records is proud to be releasing their upcoming album, "HAMMER OF THE NORTH" in spring/early summer of 2010 (tba). On this release, GRAND MAGUS have perfected their own style of full-on metal assault with fantastic heavy riffing and stomping songs, strong hook-lines, epic vocals/lyrics and rousing solo guitars. "HAMMER OF THE NORTH" is not only the title of a new album in the band's catalogue, it's going to be a strong statement from GRAND MAGUS: "Hammer Of The North" - this is pure Heavy Metal!

"We are thrilled with working with Roadrunner Records. We regard this both as a great sign of recognition and most importantly a chance for us to really push ourselves and the music to the point of perfection. We are confident that the team of us and Roadrunner will be something really special."

Henk Hakker (MD Roadrunner Records/Germany):
"It is very exciting for RR Germany to sign excellent European bands like GRAND MAGUS, in order to prove that not only American metal can be successful worldwide. I am confident that we will be able to create the right infrastructure around Grand Magus in order to support the best records in their career and to get them on to the next level."

Chris Klimek (A&R Roadrunner Records):
"I'm very happy and proud about the fact that this fantastic band has finally signed to Roadrunner, as we haven't been the only label grabbing at them. All members in GRAND MAGUS are fantastic musicians: JB is a marvellous singer and guitarist. SEB and FOX are great instrumentalists and the steam-rolling backing in this band. The natural, organic and timeless sound of GRAND MAGUS, plus their 100% eager, authentic and passionate heavy metal-attitude and coolness marks them out as absolutely special in the whole scene! I'm really looking forward to a mutually rewarding future with these great guys! Skol!"

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    December 04, 2009

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