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Municipal Waste bassist takes to the skies

Municiple Waste MUNICIPAL WASTE are currently out on the road on the "Waste the World Tour" and they have definitely had their share of interesting moments and experiences. This was once again the case Thursday November 19th at the Key Club in Los Angeles, CA.

The Key Club is the home of the band Steel Panther, and they have a rig that allows the guitar player to fly over the crowd. Bassist Land Phil had known about this and he wanted to take to the skies. Here is what Phil had to say about the experience:

"We had seen a band called Steel Panther at the Key Club do this stunt before and since they play there every Monday I figured that they had the rig set up all the time. When we arrived at the venue I was right! After asking the stage manager if it was ok we began rehearsing the spot, I think I went up in the air about 3 times before the doors opened. When the show started I was looking at the set list counting down the songs getting more and more nervous about it, When I was hanging over the audience ( probably about 20 ft. in the air ) I remember thinking These WASTE fans are really getting their money's worth eh? Ha ha! When I landed Dave clicked in sadistic magician and the rest was history!"

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    November 25, 2009

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