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Cristina Scabbia responds to critics about not getting naked

Cristina Peta2 (2009) Cristina Scabbia responded to critics on her facebook stating, "AWESOME! Someone criticized the new PETA ad with me... just 'cause I'm wearing TOO MANY clothes ON in it!!!!

"I feel absolutely comfortable with my sexuality and body, but for a serious topic, do I really need to show my skin 'just 'cause?' I don't think so. I created a new trend, though; usually people throw shit and criticize about the opposite!

"Anyway, the PETA ad is about something and someone who's NOT me."

The Lacuna Coil frontwoman and animal rights defender posed for the Peta2 campaign in a new brand-new public service announcement. In the ad, Scabbia urges shoppers to seek out only cruelty-free products and appears above the tagline "Animal Testing Breaks Hearts."

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    November 24, 2009

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