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Opeth issues an update

Opeth OPETH vocalist Mikael Åkerfeldt checks in with the following update:

"Yes, time for another update! Aren't you excited!!!??? Meh...

I just got back home from Tel Aviv, Israel where we had an amazing show! Loved it! We played a bit funky (not as in swinging, more as in a bit "shit") but it was alright. Crowd was AWESOME! Loud, big and steaming HOT!

On top of things, downing a few cold beers on the beach around midnight in 22 degrees celcius is NOT bad, when it's November, and you're... Swedish.

Yuri (promotor) took great care of us, I even had red roses in my room and a little plate of fruit + 2 showers. It was extravagant, I felt like a fatter, uglier and less talented MARIAH CAREY.

Anyways, we also just recently finished the Progressive Nation Euro tour with our buddies DREAM THEATER, BIGELF and UNEXPECT. It was a great nice tour and we had many good shows. I can't say which one was the best, but it was certainly amazing to play Hovet in our hometown. It's where we all used to go and see metal shows in the 80's. Love that place, but I admit, when we're up there I was feeling like... 'OK, whatever'. It was like any stage really. Wembley Arena was cool too. Spektrum in Oslo, that place in Rome. Ahoy in Rotterdam... several kickass venues and several kickass crowds.

I was struggling in the beginning to get past the few yawning Dream Theater front row fans who didn't give a fuck about us. But with time I managed to shake it off and deliver pretty much every night. We did well I think. We recorded all the shows and listened back to them afterwards. We're at a level now where the difference between what we feel is a "killer" show and a "bad" show is almost not hearable. Yes, I'm boasting, but fuck man, we're quite consistent now I think.

Nice to finally hook up with Bigelf. I feel they're my boys now, brothers. Damon, Ace, Duffy and Froth! Amazing people, amazing band! Hope we can do something together again! Loved them since the first EP.

Unexpect were a lovely bunch of people too and we hung out with them almost every night, for a beer or two. Great people and fucking intense band I have to say.

And Dream Theater of course. Portnoy is now a buddy of mine I have to say. I love the guy. He's got a finger in every fucking pie and his brain must be overheating on a daily basis. That's a man who's got a big heart and a overwhelming interest in music. Just made everyone feel comfortable. He even saved 5 copies of the Swedish show poster for us since we 'might want to save it'. Sweet! BUT, I have to take credit for kicking his ass in rock trivia. Yet, I was shitfaced, so he might not share my opinion.

The other guys are cool too of course. Spokemore to Myung than before and he proves to be supercool. Petrucci was fucking nice too as always. He jammed with Fredrik, but you know... 2 widdy woo freaks showing some scales and practise runs does little to grasp my attention. He asked me to show some licks and I said 'Don't know any!' Haha! He's a cool cat though!

All in all it was a great tour! Obviously we had the whole shit with the crash but we're over it by now. Other than that it was all hunky dory!

Food was great too. We had a catering service travelling with us and they're feeding us 3 times a day. Gave them a bottle of wine afterwards to say cheerio!

Back home again for 3 days or so, then it's Japan and OZ! Can't wait. Well, to be honest, I fucking HATE those flights... but the shows will be fun. And I'll go record shopping in Shinjuku for sure!

Wife and kids are good, even though Melinda recently had a high fever and Mirjam vomited for a whole day. They're good now though.

Well that's it! Efterlyst is on the telly now so I gotta go watch some criminals in action."

Opeth recently announced the following live dates in Greece:

4 - Fuzz Club - Athens, Greece
5 - Principal Club - Thessaloniki, Greece

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    November 11, 2009

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