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Dave Mustaine congratulates Roadrunner really

Megadeth-Endgame MEGADETH's Dave Mustaine has issued the following update:

"I would like to congratulate Roadrunner for passing up their previous efforts, and also surpassing other various milestones in our recording career, becoming the 10th longest charting record of my career.

Yes, you heard right, of our more than 12 official releases, I am excited to say that Endgame has lasted on the charts one week longer than United Abominations did, and of the various albums before Endgame, it has done six weeks more than Rude Awakening, two more than The System Has Failed, and one week more than The World Needs A Hero, and it has tied Hidden Treasures. It will tie Risk, and Back To The Start if it remains on the charts next week.

Thank you all for buying Endgame and you should be able to hear it on Megadeth Radio soon, so those of you that are planning on buying or are still undecided on buying our new album, the proof will be available for your ears real soon on the station; however you can hear songs off of Endgame at in our audio player.

I say this because this week is the 1,320th week that Megs has been a band and we have been on the charts for 237 weeks. And 237/1320 is almost a sixth of our entire lives as Megadeth. I hope that the next record I do will be a worthy successor to Endgame, and I have learned a lot since recording this last gem. And I want this last record for Roadrunner to be a great way to say thanks for having us.

I look forward to helping tying and hopefully breaking our next goal for our previous records remaining on the Billboard Top 200 Chart. The next milestone, once we pass our next target, would be the classics Peace Sells at 11 weeks, So Far So Good So What and Youthanasia at 23, Cryptic Writings at 29, Rust In Peace at 30, and the pinnacle of albums on the charts for Megadeth, Countdown To Extinction at 58 weeks.

I have my fingers crossed that we will at least have the '8' in '58' next week, and we will work on the '5' after that."

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    November 06, 2009

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