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Top 10 List of Barn Yard Inspired Bands

Take an animal name, add 'corpse' or 'grinder' to the end and you have yourself a pretty metal sounding band name. Our inspiration for today's top 10 list came to us from Jen Graham over at Metal Blade Records (and not because of the strange animal noises from her house or the animal carcasses in her trunk). Below are our 11 favorite farm inspired bands. Of course he heavy metal farmer always has the last word.

Mule Skinner

Not sure what PETA would say about skinning a mule

Sheep Grinder

Tasty. I'd love to eat a nice lean sheep burger.

Lamb of God

A pretty tame metal barnyard name.

Vaginal Chicken

Just sick. I don't even want to know. Although it does have me thinking....nah, i'll just drop it.

Metal Duck

This name just sucks. Would you ever want to see your band name under Metal Duck on the marquee?

Rotting Cock

I hope they are talking about the foul kind and not the falice one as that would be kinda gross for a band name.

Cattle Decapitation

I like cows, I feel bad for them when I hear this bands name. They are such nice animals, why would you want to decapitate them?


I love this band. I gotta ask Ben how they came up with the name.

Revolting Cocks

Gotta wonder why their cocks are so revolting.

Pig Destroyer

One hell of a band with a great name.

Accidental Goat Sodomy

The best metal band name period! How can goat sodomy be accidental? Walking around with your pecker hanging out? That right there is pretty suspicious, especially on a farm in a goat pen. But then to 'accidentally bump' into a goats rectal area and keep going? I don't think the goat sodomizing was accidental.

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    October 22, 2009

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