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Brian from Shadows Fall trying to fuck Phil Labonte's girlfriend?

Shadows Fall I love twitter, makes bands fights public. Anyways, here is what has transpired so far between Phil Labonte of All That Remains and Brian Fair from Shadows Fall.

Phil Labonte: Sweet, Brian from shadows fall was trying to fuck my girlfriend tonight. Thanks to Ivan from 5FDP for sticking up for me. So much 4 home <3

Brian Fair: philthatremains you couldnt be more wrong

Phil Labonte: I hope WE are ALL wrong and it was just a HUGE stupid misunderstanding.

Brian Fair: learn to think before you speak i cant baby sit everyone

Phil Labonte: the last thing in the world that I need is YOU to babysit me. I'm on the "outside" of the drama. Your the one who's accused.

Brian Fair: save the drama for your mama.

Phil Labonte: And I'll RT I hope we are ALL wrong and this is one HUGE misunderstanding.

And to make it even more fun, Phil's girlfriend joined in on the tweeting fun: Jorie Salyers: Kinda bummed. Phils pissed ab last night. I guess I should be too, as I was the target, but I'm just trying not to lose everything atm

Jorie Salyers: @brianshadfall No drama! So we'll let everything lie. I did tell phil all you said, so you're aware. No need for ME to lie to him.

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    October 10, 2009

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