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Powerman 5000 returning with new album and team up with The Gauntlet for "Ask Spider" column

Powerman 5000 Futuristic metallists Powerman 5000 have been plotting their next move for the past few years, and their latest step towards a global takeover is upon us, in the form of Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere. The album will drop from the solar system on October 6th (via Mighty Loud!/Fontana), and as judged by such song titles as "Super Villain," "V is for Vampire," "Horror Show," and "Get your Bones," 'Somewhere on the Other Side of Nowhere' is bound to be another gnarly slice of PM5K.

To celebrate the release, has teamed up with Powerman 5000's mastermind for a cool feature called "Ask Spider." Readers are encouraged to submit their questions and Spider will break it down for you. Nothing is off limits and you can ask him anything from sex and relationship related questions to his advice on which horror movies you should check out. The column will debut next week and continue into October.

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    September 16, 2009

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