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Arsis Enter the studio

Arsis James Malone, guitarist/vocalist for Virginia's melodic/technical death metal band ARSIS shares this update from Planet Z Studios in Massachusetts on their fourth studio album, Starve For The Devil:

"Everything I have been working towards over the past year has become a reality; we are making the ARSIS album that I have always wanted to make. We starting tracking drums yesterday and everything sounds amazing. Mike Van Dyne's playing just fits the songs so well, and it is great to be recording with one of my best friends again. I can honestly say that I have not been this happy in a long time. If the past few days are any indication of how the rest of the recording is going to go, then I feel certain that this will be our best work yet."

Music for Starve For The Devil is being recorded with producer Zeuss (Municipal Waste, Agnostic Front, Hatebreed). Artist Mark Riddick will be providing his trademarked meticulous and grotesque artwork for the upcoming release.

Performing on the album will be: James Malone Guitars/Vocals; Mike Van Dyne Drums; Nick Cordle Guitars; Bassist Nathaniel Carter.

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    September 09, 2009

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