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Sybreed post tracklisting

Sybreed Switzerland-based metallers SYBREED have issued the following update:

"Hello folks,

First of all and as we are back from the US, we would like to thanks all the people who have been involved in the tour, so as to say THREAT SIGNAL, THE AGONIST, THE AUTUMN OFFERING, Hector 'Mexican Special' Gonzalez, who handled the bass player role for the tour, 'General' Ace Piva and our driver Ringo. Those people are awesome, and we wish we could have toured with them forever: no need to say how much we miss them. We also would like to thanks all the fans we've met, spoke with, partied and had booze with and so on: you've made that tour the greatest ever, and we can't wait to come back to visit you again!

Then, it's time for a late update about the current Sybreed's status. We are once again complete as a band, and are happy to introduce our new bass player Stephane: he is sexy, heavily tattooed, dwarf all of us by his American football lineman body shape and above all, plays bass as if there was no tomorrow.

Regarding our new album, at the time we speak it's entirely done. We just came back from the mastering, as usual at Na´che's California Studio in Geneva, and it sounds really, really huge. Rhys Fulber did an amazing job on the mix and we can't wait for you to hear this new beast. Its release is still planed for Winter 2009. This information has already been issued on the net, but we would like to confirm the final tracking list and final cover, made by Seth Siro Anton (SEPTICFLESH, MOONSPELL). So here we go:

The Pulse Of Awakening

1. 'Nomenklatura'
2. 'A .E.O.N.'
3. 'Doomsday Party'
4. 'Human Black Box'
5. 'KillJoy'
6. 'I Am Ultraviolence'
7. 'Electronegative'
8. 'In The Cold Light'
9. 'Lucifer Effect'
10. 'Love Like Blood'
11. 'Meridian A.D. 1'
2. 'From Zero To Nothing More'

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    September 01, 2009

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