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Controversial new music video from BURNING HUMAN has been banned

"Tormented Mind," the controversial new music video from death metal outfit BURNING HUMAN has been banned by MTV2's Headbangers Ball. After BURNING HUMAN refused to edit their new video MTV said the video was "too violent" for airing. Guitarist Mike Stack had this to say:
"The fine folks at MTV banned our video for the song TORMENTED MIND claiming it was "too violent". As much as we love HEADBANGERS BALL, we think its way more metal to be BANNED BY MTV!!! Scroll down to watch the video of TORMENTED MIND that MTV didn't want you to see, and decide for yourself."
The video can be seen below in its intended entirety.

Burning Human's new self-titled album is available now in-stores.

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    August 07, 2009

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