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Diamond Jo's says no to Rock Gone Wild has issued the following report from Cole Mathisen:

The future of a major rock festival is uncertain.

The General Manager of Diamond Jo Casino in Worth County tells us they're not allowing Rock Gone Wild to happen on any of the casino's licensed grounds.

Promoters are planning to issue a press release at 4 PM on Friday. They were hoping for a crowd of ten thousand people, now they're working with lawyers to come up with a plan.

We talked to several of the Management Companies who oversee some of the headlining acts. Some believe the event is still on while others think its all but dead.

Hundreds of people who had bought tickets to see major acts are wondering what will happen to their money; others living in Worth County invested a lot more.

Rodney Hagen has dreamed of creating an RV oasis right in his backyard for a long time.

"5 years ago I started kicking it around and last year we started digging the pond and just kept on going from there I guess," Hagen said.

But when he found out a major rock festival featuring international acts like TWISTED SISTER, GEORGE THORGOOD AND THE DESTROYERS and PUDDLE OF MUDD had moved from Algona to just three miles away, he kicked his plans into high gear hoping to score some business.

"We were supposed to have a bulldozer here today and start hauling rock roads in tomorrow so we would have made it, it would have been close but we would have made it," he said.

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    August 07, 2009

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