Matt Zane of Society 1 Releases the Book Doctrines of the Infernal Process

Many would assume that if Matt Zane would ever write a book it would be a recollection of his many tales of debauchery from his adult video directing experiences. So it may come as a surprise that Zane's first book is actually something that is more along the lines of a religious dissertation. In Doctrines of the Infernal Process Zane discusses his passion for Satanism and offers his take on the taboo subject brought to the American mainstream by Anton LaVey in the mid-sixties.

"Writing about porn would have been the easy way to go. I have never been about that. Besides codifying my personal beliefs within a book is something I always wanted to do since I was very young. I just needed time to figure out my own understanding of the universe from the satanic perspective." Says Zane

Within the book Zane touches on many subjects including the belief in the existence of the devil and how humankind interact and relate with such an entity. In addition to addressing esoteric topics the book also proposes very practical techniques to live in accordance with what Zane describes as "the satanic aspect and suggested fate."

"It begins with a simple honest story and by the end completely redefines life, death and beyond."

Doctrines of the Infernal Process can be purchased at:
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Date: Aug 04, 2009
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