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Twisted Sister guitarist Jay Jay French comments to The Gauntlet on Dee Snider's foot injury

Twisted Sister As The Gauntlet reported yesterday, 80's metal icons, Twisted Sister were forced to cancel their appearance on The Late Show w/ Jimmy Fallon due to a reported fight between frontman Dee Snider and a shark. Knowing that a shark would never fuck with a member of Twisted Sister, we asked the tough questions and got to the bottom of this day long mystery. "The real story on that is a boating accident" stated guitarist and founding member Jay Jay French. "I didn't really get into that with him on the phone but he told me it was a boating accident and he slit his foot. He just wanted to tell everyone it was a shark. He cut his foot once on the Iron Maiden tour. He was on the bus and there were these metal strips that held down the sections of the rugs. One of them was sticking up and he cut his foot up and we missed a couple days from that. We have missed about 4 or 5 dates in the 37 year history of the band. We have a really good track record."

Twisted Sister just released the 25th Anniversary Edition of Stay Hungry via Rhino Records.

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    July 24, 2009

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