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WINDS OF PLAGUE Announce Details For The Great Stone War Special Editions

Winds of Plague On August 11th 2009, WINDS OF PLAGUE return with their much anticipated new full-length release, The Great Stone War, which is going to quickly propel the band to the forefront of the American metal scene. The group has crafted their most angst ridden and unrelenting offering of their already stellar career and this effort is going to serve as a much needed wake up call to the masses.

The Great Stone War is going to be available in a number of special editions, which are all detailed below.
-The standard CD edition
-Hot Topic edition that features an exclusive bonus DVD featuring the making of the album and tour footage taken from this year's Atticus metal tour.
-iTunes digital download album with the exclusive bonus track, "Halloween" originally done by the Misfits.

Johnny (vocals) further states: "Anyone that knows me is well aware of my unhealthy obsession with the holiday and the events that surround Halloween. When it came for a cover song selection it was immediately decided that we would go with the song 'Halloween' by the Misfits. Not only is it a timeless classic, but it was a way for us to pay tribute to our friend Glenn Danzig who has been so good to us. Since there are no keyboards in the song we put our keyboardist's (Kristen Randall) voice to use combined with our own WINDS OF PLAGUE twist on the song. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to seeing you all on tour this summer."

A number of specially priced pre-order packages (see below for details of each package) are also available now at (scroll down page) and are exclusive to this shop.

Package #1 - The Great Stone War CD + Bandana + Autographed Photo $17
Package #2 - The Great Stone War CD + Exclusive T-shirt $18
Package #3 - The Great Stone War CD + Exclusive T-shirt + Bandana + Autographed Photo $24

The Southern California based sextet kicked off their massive worldwide touring campaign for The Great Stone War taking part in the star-studded Summer Slaughter touring package featuring Suffocation, Necrophagist and Dying Fetus, among a slew of others. They will follow this up with a lengthy North American run with Hatebreed and Chimaira. Feel free to check out to view their complete touring itinerary.

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    July 16, 2009

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