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DAATH Prepare For North American Summer Touring Onslaught

Daath The Atlanta based quintet D┼┼TH are currently preparing for an all out assault of North America as they continue their worldwide touring onslaught throughout the summer on "The Conquer and Curse" tour with Goatwhore, Abigail Williams, SWWAATS and Abysmal Dawn. Be sure to visit to view their complete touring itinerary. The group also just launched a new webisode at this location.
Eyal Levi (guitars) states: "I'm writing this update because there are so many new and amazing things going on in D┼┼TH land right now that letting you guys in on all of it in an organized fashion would really be helpful. So first off, we are excited as fuck to be seeing you guys on tour! We are hitting the road this week on 'The Conquer and Curse' tour. We've traveled with lots of bands and I gotta say that in the early days especially, it was hard to get any respect. Which is cool. We understand. You have to earn it. Goatwhore were the first band to treat us with respect and really helped to show us the ropes on how to tour. Not to mention the fact that they're one of the greatest metal bands America has to offer. Their drummer Zack Simmons is going to be filling in on drums for us on this tour. We've practiced with him twice and it sounds fierce! Our songs sound four shots of whisky and three rails of coke meaner.
"In other news, Emil Werstler (guitars) and I are going to be featured in the Sept. issue of Guitar World, which hits stands this week. We did a lesson for them that is on the CD-ROM that comes with the magazine. Be sure to pick that up if you want to see us dissect some of our own material for you. Emil also did a 'Betcha Can't Play This' video clip, which you can check out here - Emil has also been going around giving clinics and advice on how to get better at guitar while simultaneously blowing people's minds with his superhuman abilities. Check this out from a PRS clinic he did in Manhattan last month.

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    June 24, 2009

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